2019-2020 Legislative Session



The 2020 Washington State Legislative Session is in full swing with a number of animal related bills receiving hearings.  The Federation has been working closely with our lobbyist and key stakeholder agencies and legislators from around the State on a few different bills this session.  Most notable are:


HB 2317/SB 6300: Strengthens our state’s animal cruelty laws in a number of areas


HB 2344/SB 6221: Prohibits pet stores from selling dogs and cats, but allows these businesses to partner with reputable animal rescue groups and animal shelters.


SB 6151: Provides greater authority for emergency responders, and creates a new opportunity for any person, to rescue animals from motor vehicles (hot cars, etc.) while protecting those entering vehicles from criminal and civil liability IF specific conditions are met.


HB 2824:  Bans the use of live animals (such as elephants and tigers) in traveling acts in Washington State.


The 2020 Legislative Session is a 60 day session, so things are moving very quickly with deadlines right around the corner.  The first cut-off for bills to pass from the house or origin policy committee is February 7th.


To learn more about the bills above – or search additional animal related bills by topic, click on the link below.




To find out what Legislative District you call home, who your elected State Representative and Senators are, what committees they serve on, bills they sponsor and/or co-sponsor and how to contact them, visit the link below.


SAVE THE DATE!  The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Washington State will host their first ever VIRTUAL HUMANE LOBBY DAY on February 18th from 6pm – 7:30pm.  Visit the link below for more information and to RSVP.