Since its inception in 1908 as the Washington Humane Society, the Federation has had a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people and animals. During the early 1900’s, animals and animal issues received little attention and/or funding. The Federation was formed to provide animal agencies professional support, the opportunity to train and network together, and bring professional growth to the animal protection business. The face of animal protection changed drastically during the 20th century.


The Federation is made up of members from all corners of Washington, working together to provide a collective voice for animal welfare. Our active Board of Directors is comprised of Executive Directors, Managers and Supervisors of humane societies, animal control agencies and other non-profit animal welfare agencies. Board members are available to assist with shelter design, program information and development, training and animal care and control resources on both a local and national level.

Our current goals include

  • Assume a statewide leadership role with a collaborative approach in advocating animal welfare.
  • Act as a center clearinghouse for sharing information with animal welfare agencies.
  • Provide useful information to the public regarding animal care and other issues important to the membership.
  • Collaborate with the veterinary community in order to share information and resources, and more effectively promote humane practices and laws for all animals in Washington State.

To this end, the Federation

  • Provides annual trainings in the form of regional workshops. Recent workshops have addressed issues of horse abuse investigation, customer service and communication skills; officer safety, adoption screening techniques and animal disaster relief.
  • Conducts an annual statewide survey of member and non-member agencies. Survey results provide information that can help track trends in animal welfare that allow us to determine where we need to concentrate our resources.
  • Administers a disaster relief fund to assist local member agencies in helping people and animals that have been subjected to the overwhelming effects of natural disasters.
  • Offers grants funded by “We Love Our Pets” license plate fees to animal welfare organizations to help support spay/neuter activities in Washington State.

If you would like to register your agency to become a member of the Federation, please click here for more information.

Interested in becoming a Board Member? Or want to join a Committee? Contact us for details.